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About Rotary Blood Bank

The Rotary club of Visakha Port city had humble beginnings in the year 2003 in a rental premises next to KGH hospitals. Starting out as a project that provided whole blood for the needy, the blood bank has now grown leaps and bounds in the last decade in terms of technology, quality and multitude of facilities. The blood bank is now in a centrally located and fully owned spacious facility with a dedicated staff of over 40 employees. Over the years the blood bank has added a Components centre, Apheresis and a modern Blood collection van among to ensure the best service to the community.

Objectives and Philosophy

Blood is in short supply all over the world both in developed and developing countries. Blood is an emergency medicine which cannot be manufactured, but it can be donated by fellow human beings as god has given that continuous blood manufacturing, auto regulatory mechanism in the human body.

Blood Bank Bus

In the past blood donors were paid some remuneration. The Indian Government has banned this practice in 1998. Now remuneration is not paid by the blood bank but outside the blood bank by the patients attendants. Sufficient Voluntary Blood Donation is not there to meet the demand hence blood bank is compelled to ask for replacement donors. Here the patient and its attendants are under stress because of the disease, especially when they come to the hospital from far away places. Under these conditions the replacement donor is under duress. With anxiety to save the patient he or she will not reveal its health problems.

Sometimes they hire the professional paid donor which is even more hazardous. Added to these, middle men, mostly antisocial elements are entering into this and cheating the ignorant patients charging enormous amounts and thus exploiting the emergency situation. Several studies have shown that the incidence of blood transfusion transmitted diseases is more in replacement donors.

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